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Scodie Deyong. You'll find us listed under "a" for accountants, which is entirely accurate but not the whole story. We like to think that we do more than make the numbers tally and fulfill your legal obligations to the state's coffers.

Our aim is not to be a service provider but your partner.

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Michael Scodie

8 January 1949 – 25 August 2020

It is with deep sadness that we inform you that one of our founding partners, Michael Scodie, passed away on 25 August 2020 after fighting cancer for almost a year. He remained strong and determined right up to the very end and even with a pandemic raging across the world, he insisted on treatment continuing and was not prepared to give up easily.

Michael opened the practice door in 1975 and helped Scodie Deyong to be the thriving partnership it is today. Clients had his unshakeable commitment and loyalty and could rely on having a rock-solid business partner, no matter what the business climate.

The practice continues with partners and staff who have been trained and mentored by Michael over the years. Lydia worked alongside Michael for 18 years and she has been looking after his clients’ affairs since he was diagnosed with cancer in September 2019.

Michael will be greatly missed by all and never forgotten.