Brexit - the return of the booze cruise ?

Simple subject this blog, how will Brexit affect our working lives? Simple in that the answer is agreed by all. We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Certain other things we agree on, the sun will rise on the morning of 29th March 2019, SMEs active in the European market will have a working plan and we’ll all bunk off early because it is Friday and Payday. 

What do we return to on April Fools’ day 2019, perhaps fittingly our first working day of independence from the yolk of European legislation?

Best bet today is that those importing from, or selling to, the EU will do so under WTO rules. If this is you, then the effects of this (worst case scenario) will need to be factored in to your future pricing. The politicians may find a deal that leaves you no worse off, but what happens every time you trust them? Throw mud at your cash flow projections and buy a holiday with the upside – speak to us to ensure that your costings take an accountant’s pessimistic position.

Being a Londoncentric firm, we and most of our clients don’t make stuff we do stuff, and the most pressing effects are already hitting hard. One client reports incoming CVs dropping from 30 per week to 5 or 6 – no not a coffee shop but a firm of Architects. We really are scaring them off.

When recruitment and retention become harder wages rise even if the quality of candidate is declining. Prices follow suit. The service industry must spark wage and price inflation so that it can lure the staff away from the fruit picking and hospital orderly work that they will turn their hands to when we have taken back control.

We don’t mind people who can’t spell John on a coffee cup and are really quite keen not to clean cars for a living. Put simply we do not share the seasonal fruit picking ambitions of our non-Metropolitan countrymen, so the need to clarify the movement of people is paramount – uncertainty – or a restrictive outcome will see an increasing amount of low grade professional work and admin being placed offshore – the exporting of jobs.

Just like the Tiber, the Thames never did flow red with blood and now an old immigrant bloke can drive your bus while his son runs your city. The been here forever old girl down the fag shop has a daughter who just removed a tumour from your son.

The silly bits of administrative legislation are outsourced to a bunch of Euro-wonks so our politicians don’t need to trouble themselves with the shape of bananas.

For the next 18 months you can go and live and work anywhere in one of 27 countries as you wish – and that right will be the greatest loss to our Citizens.

Is it now time for London to become the capital of Scotland and leave Wales, Northern Ireland and all those crappy parts of England that lay outside the M25? Catalondonia forever.

On the upside, there is no current legal reason that we should not see the return of duty free shopping between borders – except that Dave Davis can’t make any other concessions at the divorce table without upsetting that perfect balance his party have acheived on the Europe question. 

Of course this does not represent the views of the whole firm – and in the spirit of healing now required we shan’t be asking leave supporters if they have any idea what we should do next.