We're back blogging

Now that I have my sovereignty back, it is time for a little Spring blogging.

The 2019 tax season is over

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Auld habits should be forgot - Your list for 2018

Santa’s work is done but the accountancy elves have another month to go.

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Brexit - the return of the booze cruise ?

How will Brexit affect our working lives? Simple in that the answer is agreed by all. We haven’t got a bloody clue.

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Domestic bliss can be taxing

Life used to be simple. I had a cleaner who popped in once a week. Cash in hand. Easy.
Then I took on a nanny to help look after the kids. Suddenly I'm an employer. Not so simple.

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Tax tips from the practitioner's desk

Feel a bit like they've brought back stocks in the market square?

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Wasn’t Kafka a tax inspector?

Some have commented that our recent letter to clients on tax is like reminding them that murder is illegal. We do not disagree (on either point)

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The use of Limited Companies by small business

Back in the day few SMEs used limited companies in their pursuit of a living, now it seems everybody has one – what changed?

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Probate Service Launch

To mark the start of our new Probate Service and the launch of the blog we will look at a question that has been asked since the dawn of time “What happens after we die?”

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