Who We Are

Scodie Deyong. You'll find us listed under "a" for accountants, which is entirely accurate but not the whole story. We like to think that we do more than make the numbers tally and fulfil your legal obligations to the state's coffers.

Our aim is not to be a service provider but your partner.

Ask any of our 1600 clients. With each one we are, of course, concerned that the accounting is performed accurately and punctually. But we are more concerned to consider your financial affairs as part of something bigger: your life. Understanding the role that your finances play in your life, and the one you want them to, lets us advise you better.

We call it "big picture" accounting. It's the approach we've taken since we opened our doors over 25 years ago.

Today all 1600 of our clients, corporate or individual, reap the benefit of this approach. Each one is looked after by a partner (there are seven of us), and we are assisted by all of our other qualified or qualifying staff.

To make sure we give you the kind of "big picture", pro-active guidance we described above, we keep right up-to-speed with developments in modern accounting practice. You'll find our partners attend courses and make time to study on a regular basis.

The other principle we stick to is that we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. So we hope that you'll always find us warm, friendly and easy to talk to. And in that respect not like accountants at all.